Tuesday, August 7

Buddhist Thought of the Day - The Return

I've been away for a few weeks. What happened? I can't say and I can't worry about. The fact is, I am posting again.
I am not, I will not be.
I have not, I will not have.
That frightens all the childish
And extinguishes fear in the wise.
Nagarjuna, Precious Garland

It's hard to give things up, to let go (and let God, some might add). I have a hard time. I take things personally far too often; the flip side is that I hold things in far too often. I think things but I don't want to hurt people's feelings even when they should probably know what I am thinking. I work on it, both parts. I try to slow down when I recognize that I am taking something personally. I try to anaylize what is being said to recognize whether or not this is something I should appreciate being told or not. As for the holding back part. I don't put the effort into anaylizing this. I don't say something, the moment passes and so with it, the thought or comment I had.
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