Friday, August 24

Part of of "a week with kids"

This part involves the kids of friends. We took a road trip to Kentucky to see John, Carolyn and the kids as well as .vek, Christine and the kid. Kevin, Anne Marie, Tara and I went to Georgetown KY where John lives. Tara had met John but not Carolyn or the kids, Anne Marie hadn't met anyone in the family, and Kevin hadn't met the kids. I hadn't seen LiAnna or Lindsey on close to 5 years nor had I met the twins. Honestly, I was nervous. How would the girls remember me? What would they remember?

Thanks to John & Carolyn they loved me! They were dressed up when we got the house and were greeted with enthusiasm and nervousness. The girls warmed to us immediately, LiAnna told Anne Marie secrets and they showed us their dolls and toys and pets. We ate and then Lindsey got a hold of my camera. She took more pictures than I did. I have the pictures up on flickr. Day one wound down and we planned to go to a nature park and Frankfort the next day. Once we got to the nature park if one wasn't pulling on me or wanting to be carried the other one was. It was a blast. The girls are very smart and the twins seemed overshadowed but John & Carolyn said we should not be fooled, they can hold their own.

I had a blast and I enjoyed seeing how they girls had grown. They had turned into little people with vocalized opinions and ideas and dreams and talents. LiAnna said she wants to be a writer and Lindsey showed a talent for photography. John and Carolyn were glad to have somebody else for at least two of the kids to harrass and Tara was glad to see that her husband was good with kids. During those few hours I was king, at least to two very active, talkative little girls. Lindsey told me that her Mom tells about when her Dad and I went to China to get her, and LiAnna told me about her favorite books.

Next we were off to Pewee Valley to visit .vek, Christine & Sierra, all of whom are known by everybody in our traveling party. It was just the adults the first night. We had a good Indian dinner and went to see a Hitchcock Film at the Palace. The next day was all about Sierra. We met for lunch at the Arnett-Conner residence and then we went for Graeders Ice Cream ending up at big park where Sierra showed us about the "soccer monster" and then she got us to do exercises that she created while we were in the exercise area. She is a very bright, thoughtful, and creative little girl.

I am proud of my friends and anxious for my chance to be a father.
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