Saturday, July 3


How do you feel when you are asked to compromise or work against your SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), especially when what you are trying to accomplish is for your own benefit.

Example: I need to clean my house, I need to get rid of/move things but as a collector and a procrastinator it is VERY difficult for me to be motivated to do it. My girlfriend is a doer, she doesn't collect, she doesn't keep things that aren't immediately useful. She's very efficient and very practical. She came over and has been helping me, we have made progress but I don't feel happy about the progress. I think I feel bad for myself or quilty or just plain sad b/c 1. she had to motivate me to do it. 2. I am getting rid of stuff that might not really mean anything to me but it was my stuff. 3. I know all the good that can come out of doing things like this but I just can't get over having to do it.

I don't know. I just feel weird about the whole thing.
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