Wednesday, July 14

The New Charlie Hunter is here!

I haven't mentioned it here as much as I should but Charlie Hunter is one of my favorite musicians (and one of the greatest of the contemporary music scene)...easily top 5 of current and probably top 10 overall.

He is an amazingly creative musician. after years on Blue Note he is now a ropeadope recording artist and he has just released his new record "Friends Seen & Unseen" (The title is related to Nashville.) It is a trio featuring John Ellis & Derek Phillips.

I am only on the 2nd song and it sounds like it will be more of a straight jazz album. All his music tends to be funky but sometimes he leans mre heavily on the funk groove and so far this sounds more swinging than head-bobbin. I've also noticed that there is no traditional or gospel song; there is usually one or the other on Charlie's records.

For those unfamiliar with Charlie go to and check out some video and sound bites.
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