Monday, March 7

More Bobo stuff...

I don't know if George is trying to make me feel bad or what but this is interesting.

allaboutgeorge said...

[...] The new look has acquired a name: Bobo style. "You know, bohemian bourgeois," explained Kathryn Neal, 28, a freelance writer in New York, who is partial to billowing Alexander McQueen pirate shirts worn with beat-up jeans. "Bobo" is borrowed from the title of a five-year-old work of pop sociology, "Bobos in Paradise" by David Brooks, now an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times. He used the term to describe a breed of well-heeled consumers who bashed materialism while embracing all manner of luxury. [...]"Mary Kate, Fashion Star"

I had forgotten about the whole Mary-Kate look; that wasn't my first thought when I saw the article.

My first thought was a combination of something a bit more altruistic. I was thinking hippies who'd actually made a living... not that weekend hippie crap but the ones who had dropped into the whole peace & love, earthday thing but now had a few bucks to spend so they shop Organic and Fair Trade. Read and write blogs.

Does everybody try to define themselves? Is this my search for acceptance - to find that group I belong to - or is it my desire to beat others to the punch. Define or be defined, that is the question.

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