Friday, March 11

Music update

I've been talking alot about soccer recently and haven't said too much about music...things have been slow on the musical end.

1st let me warn you. If you order from Tower and your order includes something that hasn't been released yet, your order will NOT be shipped until that new release is available. I didn't realize that 2 weeks ago when I put a 3/15 new relase on an order. Now I am waiting and waiting. It won't be long now, I should get it all on Monday or Tues.

What I have gotten is the 4 CD release of the entire Aretha/King Curtis at Fillmore West sets. For those that aren't familiar, these two albums have each been considered to of the hottest live albums in the history of music.

The shows were March 5-7, 1971. King Curtis opened each night and proceeded to lead the band behind Aretha. This shit is HOT!

These were Aretha's (and King Curtis') first shows in front of the infamous Fillmore West hippie crowd and you can tell by their setlists that they weren't quite sure what to expect. Did I mention how hot this stuff is? Aretha is full of fire and King Curtis with his bad ass band (Billy Preston, Cornell Dupree, Memphis Horns, Jerry Jemmott & Bernard Purdie). Sheeeiiiittt! (to borrow a Buddy Guy phrase)

This doesn't even take into consideration that there is a surprise guest at the end of the 3rd show. The Sho Nuff Right Rev. Ray Charles!

I've had the 2 original releases on vinyl for years but now, I've got a remastered and complete version, limited & numbered edition on CD.

Thank you Rhino Handmade.
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