Sunday, March 13

On this Day in Black History

1773(?) - Jean Baptiste Point du Sable established the first permanent settlement at 'Skikai-o,' meaning "the place of wild onions,' ultimately named Chicago
1793 - Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin.
1820 - Congress enacted the Missouri Compromise barring slavery north of Missouri.
1861 - Jefferson Davis signed bill authorizing use of slaves as soldiers in the Confederate army.
1862 - Congress forbade Union officers and soldiers to aid in the capture and return of fugitive slaves
1869 - Arkansas legislature passed anti-Klan law
1902 - Andrew Carnegie approved 40 applications from libraries for donations.
1946 - Col. B.O. Davis, Jr. assumed command of Lockbourne Air Force Base, Ohio.
1962 - Terence Blanchard born
1965 - President Lyndon B. Johnson states:
"What happened in Selma was an American tragedy...It is wrong to deny any person full equality because of the color of his skin."
1967 - Carolyn E. Allen-Schmidt born
1972 - Khujo (Goodie Mob) born
1979 - In Grenada, the New Jewel Movement, headed by U.S. educated Maurice Bishop, ousted the government of Prime Minister Gairy.
1983 - Zimbabwe opposition leader, Nkomo, flies into London as his country appears to be on the brink of civil war.
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