Tuesday, March 8

Smartest Man in Hip-Hop

Last night I heard Terri Gross interview the RZA on Fresh Air. Although Wu-Tang was a little too intense for me to listen to I've always appreciated them. They are always interesting. Then I heard the soundtrack to Ghost Dog and thought the RZA was the bomb! I love that movie and that soundtrack. Of course, most recently RZA scored Kill Bill (1&2).

Listening to him last night I heard a guy who is strong, creative, thoughtful, spiritual and fun. He is an incredibly well rounded guy. He's street but cerebral, serious but fun. He might not have been thoroughly educated in a traditional setting but damn, he's right on it. Alot of the hip-hop generation are like this, espectially the famous ones (Ice Cube, Ice-T, Will Smith) but there is something different about Bobby Diggs aka RZA.

Stay strong and creative, RZA! Keep those movie scores coming too!
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