Tuesday, March 8

Visions of Bill Murray

Did you see Lost in Translation? I highly recommend you do if you haven't. If you saw it you will remember Bill Murray on the cross country ski thing, or maybe it was the elliptical, and he lost control.

Well, last night I was at my local YMCA I did the same thing on the treadmill. See, these machines are all new to me so I am having some trouble with balance and speed. I got on this thing and I was starting to pick up the pace but I swung my arm to high and dropped my walkman. In the process of trying to stop the machine so I could pick it up I had moved back too far and couldn't reach the stop button and then I panicked a bit. Fortunately there were people on both sides and they managed to get to the stop button before I landed on my ass or head or whatever.

I felt like such an idiot. Thank God, I wasn't trying to impress anybody.
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