Thursday, April 13

Finally good Republicans think Bush is an idiot

I've seen several books come through the store recently along these lines. Long-time, well-respected Republicans and Conservatives have finally figured out that George Bush is running the country like he ran the Texas Rangers (and everything else he's been the head of)! For those who don't remember...he ran them into the ground.

You've got Francis Fukuyama: America at the Crossroads, Bruce Bartlett: Imposter, Kevin Phillips: American Theocracy, and now Newt Gingrich:

"Where I fault the administration is, sometimes it would be so easy to just be simple and straight, OK? All they had to do is go to the American people and say, we want to make sure that if the National Security Agency picks up a foreign terrorist calling someone in the U.S., that they can listen to the call," Mr. Gingrich said in a video clip posted on the South Dakota newspaper's website. He said more than 90 percent of Americans would have quickly endorsed such a program.

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