Thursday, April 13

One way minorities break stereotypes is...

by acting against them.

Here is a provocative article about race and what it means to "be" an ethnic minority in this predominantly white society.

I've struggled with this since I was a teenager. I went to predominantly white schools which lead to mostly white friends and "white" interests. For a long time, and even now, I would alternately b/t being proud to be the only black face at something b/c it meant I wasn't conforming to what I should be doing and worrying that I wasn't "Black enough". Somewhere along the lines I _learned_ decided that I was who I was was and I didn't need to justify. It can still be tough because I am quite often seen as disappointingly "not black enough" from Blacks (this is usually some nonverbal communication; a roll of the eyes or something) and surprisingly "not black enough" from Whites (I've never met a black person who _________).

Anyway...check out Acting Your Race

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