Monday, March 14

King Bobo

Last week I was talking about Bobos and how the word reflects the way I live (to a degree). George offered some info on how this concept had been applied to one of the Olsen twins (I forget which).

Now I see this and think, well of course, Bono and Sting are the big boys in this whole Bobo Revolution.
The collection Edun is nude spelled backward is co-designed by Bono's wife, Ali Hewson, and Rogan, an established designer with his own clothing line that emphasizes organic fabrics and ethical guidelines.

Edun's garments are designed after the capabilities of the factories in Lima, Peru, and Monastir, Tunisia, have been assessed, said Rogan, whose full name is Rogan Gregory. For the fall collection, production will extend to Lesotho, South Africa, and Tanzania in East Africa.

ABC News: U2's Bono Launches Clothing Company
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