Friday, January 6

Eight Buddhist Principles for Relationship

Because love is other-concerned, has no hierarchy, and does not cherish self-vindication, these teachings may be used as wise guides for intimate relating.
  • May I consider all beings precious.
  • May I always respect others as superior while attaining self-esteem.
  • May I face my inner darkness and turn it to good.
  • May I be moved with compassion for the pain behind the spite others may show me.
  • When I am hurt by others, may I forego retaliation while always fighting injustice.
  • May I reckon those who betray me as sacred teachers.
  • May I offer joy to all beings and secretly take on their suffering.
  • May all beings and I be free from ego concerns of loss and gain.
Adapted from How to Be an Adult in Relationships by David Richo
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