Monday, January 16

More of my 2005 favs

Electric Blue Watermelon by my boys, the North Mississippi Allstars. They grow with each album and this one has some of their best ideas yet! It's essential a tribute album to Otha Turner, their mentor, they have subtle tribute parts like samples of him and they have overt tribute parts like "Moonshine". It includes some wonderful songs like Hurry up Sunshine with Lucinda Williams and the VERY Jim Dickinson, "Bang Bang Lulu".

I feel at home with this record.

My one complaint is Luther's continued "white guilt". Brotherman, we all know you are good people, you don't have to include a line on every album explaining that you're not like the rest of them...

Please go see these guts when they come to your town, you will NOT be disappointed.

the Tour: NMA on the road
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