Sunday, February 13

On this Day in Black History

1818 - Absolom Jones, the co-founder of the Free African Society and the first African American Episcopal priest, dies
1866 - President Andrew Johnson vetoes a bill providing for an extension of the Freedman's Bureau, but Congress overrides his veto.
1873 - Emmett J Scott born
1892 - The World's Fair Colored Opera Company performs at Carnegie Hall.
1908 - Malvin (Mal) Russell Goode, the first Black network reporter, born
1919 - Eddie Robinson born
1920 - National Negro League is founded in Kansas City.
1923 - The first professional black basketball team, The Renaissance (named for the Harlem Renaissance), is organized. They will be popularly known as The Rens.
1947 - Atlanta hires its first African American police officers.
1970 - Joseph H. Searles III becomes the first black member of the New York Stock Exchange.
1979 - The U.S. Civil Rights Commission reports that 46% of minority students are still attending racially segregated schools. This is 25 years after the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision mandating integration.
1997 - Michael Jackson, Jr. (yes, THAT Michael Jackson)
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