Thursday, February 17

Where has the time gone

I've been so busy recently I haven't been devoting much time to surfing the net and bringing the good stories to my few loyal readers.

I started my "On this day in Black History" series which takes quite awhile to pull together everyday. I like doing this but it is too time consuming to keep it up everyday!

My house is in deconstructed mode b/c I have the electricians rewiring the ENTIRE house. They are doing a great job but the are getting me out of bed almost 2 hrs earlier than usual which, of course, means I am trying to go to bed earlier.

I've been crazy busy at work, which is where I used to do a lot of my surfing and fact finding.

And lastly, I started an exercise program to go along with my weekly Yoga. Those who know me know I am pretty sedentary. Well, I finally got off my ass to start a program at the YMCA to help me 1. get healthier and 2. lose weight.

So, those are my excuses. Please stick with me while I figure out how to make all this work.
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