Wednesday, February 23

Yimou Zhang

After seeing House of Flying Daggers again I am rapidly deciding that Zhang is my favorite director.

I know this changes from time to time. First, there was Spike Lee & Almodovar, then there was Quentin Tarantino, throw in Mel Brooks, Scorsese and Shyamalan but it is Yimou Zhang who has come shining through for me. He is such an emotional director. His films are always visually arresting (just look at the costumes in House of Flying Daggers) and he always explores the depths of love between couples without being cliché or overbearing...the sorrow, the pain and the joy are always intricately intertwined.

I highly recommend the Road Home (Ziyi Zhang's first film), To Live (features Li Gong, his first favorite leading lady) and the House of Flying Daggers. If you can find the earlier ones like Red Sorghum and Yellow Earth, I would suggest those too but I don't think they are available right now.

Netflix: Yimou Zhang
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