Wednesday, May 18

East Nashville vs. the rest of the world

I've mentioned before that I live in East Nashville, an under appreciated part of the city to say the least.

I've also mentioned that I love Fido Coffee Shop.

Well, did you know that their is such a thing as Bongo Java East. This is the location where they roast all the beans for BJRC; it is also a coffee shop. It's not on my way to anywhere so I don't go by too much.

This morning I did go by and was immediately struck by what I consider the general vibe of East Nashville vs Hillsboro Village...

They was a group of guys on the front porch talking politics...what makes this different? Well, they were strangers. The oldest was a regular and the two younger guys looked kinda like the roots rocker kind you find in Nashville. Still, what makes that unusual? In Hillsboro Village you don't usually have serious conversations with talk about the weather or music or sports or something like that.

The point I am trying to make is that East Nashville still has that "welcome neighbor" vibe. The "Eventhough I don't know you at all I know you well enough to talk serious stuff" vibe.
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