Wednesday, May 25


What a game!

It was actually broadcast live in Nashville (ESPN2) so I went to my local Irish Pub, Dan McGuiness, which is only about .3 miles away from my office, and took a LOOOOOOONNNNNG lunch with a bunch of screaming, singing Liverpool fans.

I almost left at half time b/c Liverpool was down 3-0. AC Milan really looked in control. During the early part of the 2nd half Liverpool had the most amazing comeback. It was incredibly exciting, I even got teary eyed. The Reds scored 3 goals in 6min! The game stayed that way through the end of extra time. Extra time included an crazy double save by Dudek (Liverpool's keeper).

The shootout was intense. Dudek saved the first two goals, Dida missed the first two goals. Then they both missed one, Dida missed another and Dudek saved the last!

Milan was completely in control during the 1st half. Liverpool took control in the 2nd half and then it was a stalemate for the last 60min. Liverpoool continued to play Milan's game but Milan is tough.


Some records were broken.
  • I think the first goal was the fastest in cup history. Milan scored from a FK at 52 seconds.
  • This was the first time both teams scored 3 or more goals since 62 or something like that.
  • Liverpool scored the second fastest 3 goals after ManU scored 3 in 4min back in the 80s.
  • Liverpool became the first team to ever win the European Championshiip after being down by 3 goals.
Liverpool were crowned European champions in dramatic fashion.

the Champion: Liverpool FC
the Runner-up: AC Milan
the Hardware: UEFA Champions League Cup

BTW, Steven Gerrard is an awesome player and deserving Captain.
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