Thursday, May 19

Making a statement

For a long time I've tussled with the issue of choosing organic or alternative sources of fuel or non-toxic household items.

Does my choice really make a difference? How loud should I shout "Look, I'm a hippie!"

Although I've never talked with her about this, my lovely fiancé is completely organic food and home products, which I don't have a problem with. The problem is she refuses to shop at Kroger and Kroger has started to sell organic. My point is if Kroger sells more organic, they stock more organic. I think it's important to take a stance in the community. The way I see it; buying organic means nothing when you're buying from a retailer in the rich part of town.

We want to spread the idea, right? We want the opportunity available to everybody, right?

So, I see the hybrid that way too. My one hybrid won't make much of a difference but if it gets one other person to think before they buy a new car it's worth it.

Can hybrids save US from foreign oil?

Thanks again to George for the link.
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