Friday, May 13

Jai's movie reviews:

Cinderella Man - I'm not much of a fight fan but this movie kicked ass. Ron Howard did a great job with his use of music, colors and tricks. Russell Crowe was really understanded and very believable as an "everyman". You believe that his is a father who is doing what he can to make his family safe, you believe that he is a fighter who didn't want to go out like he did, that he wasn't "down for the count". The boxing action was intense!

Crash - No holds barred on race in America. This movie shows there are intra race concerns, that race is not just a black and a white thing., it includes all minorities. This movie also speaks a lot to anger in America. There is a character who discovers that she (who seems to have everything anybody would want) wakes up angry everyday. The movie does give some hope by showing that a lot of us will hit bottom and realize how much we have to say about hwo we see the world or sometimes love is the answer.

Big thumbs up for both of these movies.
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