Monday, May 9

Local filmmaking

People think of Nashville as Music City, well I'm here to tell you that it's also Indie Film City too.

Dante Harding used to work at Tower Records...always seemed a bit scattered to me.
Now the film debuts tonight at the Belcourt Theatre, and Harding's particularly proud of the fact it was filmed completely in Nashville.

"I had an idea for doing something a bit different with the martial arts genre," Harding said. "While my influences in one direction were the films of people like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, I have always been a big fan of Robert Townsend's Hollywood Shuffle and satiric works like I'm Gonna Get You Sucka. My idea was to combine the excitement of martial arts with some of the commentary and insight of more satiric films while using the city as the visual backdrop. I put out fliers and ads, people responded and we went to work."
Local lens eyes martial arts

The movie: The Lost Dragon
More info: Kicked in the head to make a movie
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