Tuesday, April 26

Hip, Cheap & Gourmet

Today was one of those days I wish I'd had my camera.

I made my weekly visit to Fido and was served my regular double Mocha but today it has some of the coolest looking swirly drawings on it (made with chocolate sauce, of course). For lunch I had an omlette, an omlette of roasted red onions, spinach and feta. For less than $7.

Now, I know some people will scream at the fact that I paid $7 bucks for an omlette but this ain't no Waffle House omlette!

So, I have now decided that Fido is the best Gourmet restaurant in Nashville! Not only do you have daily menu choices but you get Music Row execs mingling with pierced and tattooed types mingling with the preppy Vandy types mingling with real live musicians (I've run into David Olney, Bela Fleck, Steve Earle and I know Robert Fripp drops in too).
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