Wednesday, April 20

On this Day in Black History

121 - Marcus Aurelius born
1853 - Harriet Tubman started the Underground Railroad
1858 - Annie Burton born
1861 - Robert E. Lee resigned from the U.S. Army
1871 - Congress passed the Third Enforcement Act which declared Ku Klux Klan activities as a rebellion against the United States and empowered the president to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and declare martial law in rebellious areas.
1877 - Federal troops withdrawn from public buildings in New Orleans.
1888 - W. Gertrude Brown born
1889 - Adolf Hitler born
1893 - Joan Miró born
1909 - E. Frederick Morrow born
1909 - Lionel Hampton born
1912 - Fenway Park opened
1912 - Bram Stoker died
1913 - Gwendolyn Knight born
1916 - Wrigley Field opened
1920 - Mary J. Reynolds invented a hoisting/loading mechanism.
1923 - Ernesto Antonio "Tito" Puente born
1926 - Harriet Elizabeth Byrd (the first African American legislator in Wyoming's state history) born
1951 - Luther Vandross born
1962 - The New Orleans Citizens Committee offered free one-way ride to Blacks to move North.
1965 - Lyndon Johnson awarded the Medal of Freedom to Leontyne Price
1969 - James Earl Jones received a Tony award for his portrayal of Jack Johnson in The Great White Hope
1971 - Supreme Court upheld busing (Swan v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg) as means of achieving racial desegregation
1984 - Mabel Mercer died
1990 - Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame sponsored the first Bay Area "Black Filmworks Festival" in Oakland, CA
2004 - University of Alabama publicly apologized for the school's associated history of slavery
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