Saturday, April 16

Personality Types

Is it just me or are women more prone to be "do it now", go-getter, "take no shit" kind of people?

I mean, where does the lazy husband stereotype come from?

Here I am on the verge of fulfilling that stereotype. In June I will marry the type of women described above and I am admittedly a king of procrastination, which will translate to an outsider, at the least, and to my betrothed, at the unfortunate most, as "there's another lazy husband."

Of the women I have worked with (some were supervisors some were supervised by me),
I can name more who were "type A" than not. Is this a sign of the times? Is it life in Nashville?

It can't be just me b/c I hear reports of larger amounts of women attending and finishing college than men and as a college grad it is hard to muddle through and actually graduate.

The voice of frustration (and maybe a little concern)...
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