Friday, April 22

Life, or something along those lines

I'm sitting here running through some very crappy potential composer submissions. I know some of these folks are trying their best but geez! They need a somebody to do some critical listening, give them some feedback...and then they go out and put a shitload of money into the packaging.

There is a middle ground where the music is good, the packing is good but not overdone (especially in relationship to the quality of the music).

I'm kinda out of it these days. I just spent a lot of time and money at the Nashville Film Fest. I'm still trying to wrap my head around some of what I saw.

Besides that I'm a bit stressed about Tara & me and about the house remodel (and how that relates to Tara and me).

  • She's not happy with the progress (to put words in her mouth - If I'd done this a year ago we wouldn't be going through this stress now).
  • I'm frustrated cause she wants it to go faster and it seems like I'm having very little say so as to what gets remodeled and what doesn't. I know, that in the long run I will agree with a lot of what she wants changed but in the short run it feels like she is dictating/demanding/forcing her will on what is now MY house and what will be OUR house.

I'll stop there. I've probably said too much and Tara, if you want me to delete this post I will.

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