Monday, September 19

Birthday Celebrations

This was one of the biggest shindigs I've had for my birthday in years.

My friend .vek celebrates his birthday the day after mine, although he is several years younger, and he suggested that he, his wife and baby come this weekend to jointly celebrate and see the astonishing growth of their daughter Sierra (almost 9 mths old).

Tara started making party plans - we have had three parties/dinners since we got married (3 months ago) which is more than my parents had in a year when the ran this household.

The KY kids got here Friday evening and .vek and I exchanged soccer shirts (soccer is one of many things we have in common). Nothing really crazy on Friday.

On Sat. we met Anne-Marie & Kevin for brunch at the almighty Monell's (a must eat when you come to Nashville for the first time, or the second time, or even if you live here). After some make-fun-of-Jai time .vek & I went to Grimey's while Tara and Christine took a nap. Then the fun began...

Dinner included the 7 of us from earlier plus Tara's mom and her new "friend" - they were on their way to see a Moonbow in KY. The plan was to watch some of "Lost" but my DVD player didn't like the disk so we played UNO.

Overall the weekend made up for the gloom of the previous week. I had the company of some really cool people and I got some great gifts:
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