Friday, September 2

Gulf Coast

You know, after this first happened I didn't think it was all that bad but slowly more and more reports contradicted that idea. Now, I have watched and heard so much that I don't know what to think.

I am so saddened by the loss of life and historic treasures and I am so frustrated by what seems to be such half-assed response. I heard today that Carnival Cruise Line was considering, CONSIDERING, offering help. What the FUCK! If fucking Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic (two of the smallest countries on God's Green Earth) can give us money what is the matter with these asses who embark cruises and dock ships in New Orleans!?

I don't know. I know the whole place is fucked up but it seems like some of the private companies (not just non-profits or aid organizations), could do more with the logistical things...

I wish the best to all those folks and hope that all those who died have safe passage.
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