Thursday, September 22

Job Search

While I am studying for the GRE with plans for Grad School and my MLIS I need a job. I thought I could do the unemployed thing for awhile but
  • it's lonely
  • I feel guilty b/c there are things I should be doing that I can't motivate myself to do
Now, I mentioned that I took a job at a local bookstore, which will be named this time next week. But just as I did while I worked at AMZ I am constantly trying to get a job at a library or museum.

I discovered this week that Metro HR requires a new app/résumé for every position, which is a waste of time and energy for everyone involved. So, yesterday I put in two apps for the public library system. And I decided that I've been trying too long to stick with the formal, traditional cover letters. One of the positions is for a kid's services position so I used a bold typeface with colors sprinkled in and, of course, I always use a shaded linen paper.

Hopefully this non-traditional approach will get me an interview at least.
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