Wednesday, February 9

Gawker Media

I am in love. The folks over at Gawker have really gotten me sucked into their little techno cult world.

I've been looking at gizmodo for awhile. I love the gadgets and these guys find all the cool stuff. And, of course, Fleshbot with all the and women, depending on your preference. Most recently, I have been reading Lifehacker, which is just that, you find all sorts of cool things that should make your life simple, from 5 spyware killers to "how to tie a tie". The other one I am getting into is gridskipper, "the decadent travel guide".

I've read some of the other ones but they are too hip for my taste.

If you go to any of the above pages, you will see a section for Gawker Media and you will be able to navigate to all of the sites I mentioned and more.
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