Monday, April 11

Blogging Tips

OK, I think I need to review these.

As often as possible I cruise over to Simon's spot. Today I read about these rules for blogging, something I'd never seen before and I hope will be quite helpful.

Over the past 6months or year or whatever Simon has been quite helpful. He sends me periodic tips on how to make Blog Blog Woof Woof more successful. (What does that mean for a blog? I guess a successful blog would be one that I enjoy maintaining and others enjoy reading. What would make it REALLY successful would be if people would click my ads and buy stuff so I can get paid!)

Anyway, it's up to you readers to let me know what's what. Susan, Simon, George & Trae are always good for a comment. And I recently got a note from Becky but I know there are folks out there regularly reading who don't say anything, that's cool if you wanna stay annymouse but I'd like to hear from you.
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