Wednesday, April 13

Happy Birthday Compass Records!

Here's another record store story...

When we opened the big store (that is now a Office Depot or Staples or something like that) a block from Tower Records I was unofficially in charge of getting the smaller genres in some point in those early days Allison Brown and Garry West showed up on our doorstep with a bag of CDs. Being a roots music fan I was vaguely familiar with Allison - the female Bela Fleck - is what I had heard and I had something with her on it, maybe a Michelle Shocked record. Anyway, Garry and Allison became regular visitors to the store and I always tried to feature them on an endcap or whatever I could. Then they signed Victor Wooten and he has put out some wonderful records. THEN! they signed Jeff Coffin who has produced to of the most stunning records to come out of Nashville.

Go buy stuff from Compass Records.
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