Tuesday, August 9

#10 in the Nation

This just in:
Grimey'’s was just featured in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Nice national exposure that we're very proud of, never mind the fact that they claimed we were the "best record shop in town" and a "“paradigm of indie and vintage goodness". You can read the piece on our website here: Grimey's Press. Also, we just discovered that the RS piece, which is called Schools That Rock” is an excerpt from a full-length book just out by the same title. In the book, Grimey'’s is listed as being in the Top 10 Record Stores in the country!!! (we'’re #10, behind such luminaries as Amoeba, Waterloo, Other Music, Vintage Vinyl, and other amazing stores) Whoa. I don'’t know about that just yet, but we sure are giving it "the old college try" and I deeply appreciate the recognition. All this means is that the game is ON and we'’ve got to continue to step it up. So let'’s get it on...
Big Up to these guys!

They have worked hard to give Nashville a real music geek hangout and record store. Because I've know Grimey (Mike Grimes) since he was a lowly record rep back in the early 90s I've always made a point to go by and at least say hi. He won't remember this but he was one of the last people I saw in Nashville before I moved to Baton Rouge. I've loved this place since he was in the tiny little house over by 100 Oaks and I always spend too much time and too much money when I go in there.

Mike along with D-Funk andmade rest have mede this place work b/c they really know their shit, they all are excited about music and they carry all the cool stuff.

So, when you come to Nashville and wanna buy some music or soak up the vibe...
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