Wednesday, August 31

Financial Matters

Well. The renovations are done and the piper must be paid.

To get all these renovations done I took out a home equity loan. No big deal except the renovations have now cost more than the loan. Not a huge deal b/c I can probably bump up the loan amt, we'll see. It's nervewrecking since I also unemployed.

With all of this in mind and my AMZ Music severance pay almost gone - it lasted about 50% of the time it was supposed to, of course, I did go on a honeymoon within weeks of leaving the company - Tara and I had our first budgeting talk and it went better than I expected. Like everything else Tara is organized like a mug when it comes to finance. There is no gray area, you do things by the book, you read and follow the fine print, etc. She's also quite miserly on some things, using coupons, waiting 10 days for a new movie so she can use a coupon, etc. I - as we all know - am not like that. I keep a balance on my credit card, although I go through very diligent periods, they are just that - periods. I don't every read fine print and most of the time don't pay attention to due dates.

So, we are are a disaster waiting to happen, right? Wrong. The conversation was calm and productive. The one thing we really don't agree on is that I think tithing is a nebulous concept, you don't have to give the full 10%, you don't have to pledge all the time. Tara is emphatic about maintaining the 10%.

On a side note. I find it so fascinating that as liberal as Tara and Susie are, as ethereal as their mother is, these two women are so church focused. I mean, I considered the priesthood from about 12-16 yrs old and now, I could care less about going to church.

Anyway, I think Tara and I are doing swimmingly and if anybody (in the Nashville area) wants to hire someone with 15 years of retail management experience, 5 years of office admin and music library experience and all sorts of random computer skills...drop me a note. ;-)
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