Wednesday, August 17

Newlywed Bliss?

Now comes the period of adjustments, right?

Since I am the househusband I am the one cooking dinner and therein lies a point of concern, or at least it has become a point of concern. I am having trouble putting together a properly balanced, properly proportion meal for two that includes enough food for leftovers.

See, Tara follows a very defined diet, everything. She plans thoroughly and executes completely. I, on the other hand, fly by the seat of my pants (what does that mean exactly?). Tara's diet is based on "Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type" and something else that defines proper proportions.

As best as I can figure, I am having trouble absorbing how much food two people need to eat (regardless of Tara's dietary guidelines) AND consider for the next days lunch. See, before I got married I would very rarely cook per meal. I would make a big pot of soup or beans and eat that till it was gone. It would include veggies and meat so I didn't have to think about how much veg, protein or starch was included. I'd put it in those 2 cup tupperware things and that would be it for tomorrow's lunch or dinner. Tara doesn't eat this way.

Over the past few days I have been cooking various things that she gets from Avalon Acres or that we got from the grocery and I guess what is happening - and I can totally see why housewives become lushes (not that all do but, you know, the stereotype) - is that, because I am, to continue the flying theme, flying blind as far as this portion and dietary stuff, I am not giving her enough for a proper dinner and subsequently lunch. This is, of course, stressing her out b/c she needs to have enough leftover to make her lunch the next day, which for many reasons I am not familiar with. Tara wears her emotions on her sleeve so I know when she's not happy and this, in turn, frustrates, angers or upsets me too.

I won't go into all the peripheral things that might be adding to the frustration but there are (always) other things going on that exacerbate any point.

So, tonight maybe we'll eat her beloved ground lamb.
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