Sunday, August 28


Last night we hosted our first "get together" and it was a smashing success!

Tara's birthday is 8/1 and lacking no ego she believes she can celebrate her b-day all month. Because of all the construction and school starting and whatnot this was the first (and last) chance for her to have a birthday celebration.

We had about 15 people come over for snacks and sangria. Tara wanted it to be a game night but that didn't work out because everybody was having such a good time hanging out. We had a fruit plate (cut & arranged by yours truly) and a veggie plate. We had chips, dip, salsa & guac all prepared by Tara (actually the salsa was mine). We had a cheese tray that included my favorite Manchego and we had my version of Sangria, which was the absolute bomb! Lastly, we had 2 cakes, a carrot cake for Tara, made by her Mom and a Choc/choc cake made by Sweet 16th.

Tara gave docent guided tours of the house, doing her best to explain how we decorated using Feng Shui basics and reclaiming Jai's old furniture. Everybody seemed to have a great time and they were amazed and awed by the house. All but 2 or 3 people were Tara's church friends and only 2 of them had seen the house prior to renovation. I got massive compliments on my kitchen lights and hall balustrade (photos will be posted this week); I say "my" b/c Tara had no desire for input on either element.

Anyway, it was fun to show off a little. It was fun to hangout with my new family & friends. And of course, Tara has already planned the next event!
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