Wednesday, August 3

The Wedding Report (the groom's perspective)

I know I talked some about the wedding stuff as it happened (check the archives for the week before June 18) but know I think I'll start to reconstruct the weekend events and then a travelogue of the honeymoon.

The first thing you have to remember is that while everything else was going on I was preparing my house for the kitchen remodel . Let me tell you, it sucked! Don't ever quit your job, remodel your house and get married at the same time!

So, I guess things related to the wedding were pretty calm for me most of the week before. Tara had mapped things out so well (hint: the knot has a "schedule" for all things helps no matter your level of organization). Besides, she was taking care of most of it.

Friday, the 17th, was when my life started getting crazy. Part of the problem was that since I was no longer employed I wanted to sleep late everyday but getting the wedding stuff together didn't allow that and very few things in life have the power to change my sleeping habits (ie. going to bed really late). Our goals for Friday were to set up the reception hall, have a wedding rehearsal and eat. You know, the more I think about it the more I realize that this day - like the rest of the weekend - was no big deal. It was a little hectic and a little busy but it was really a piece of cake.

Setting up the hall was all about Niki and Tara, they had ideas of how it was supposed to be and the rest of us just did what we were told.

The rehearsal was pretty simple overall. But when Tara and I were standing there with Bill (the officiant) it brought home the reality of what we were doing. Some of the family started to arrive and so it started to become more festive.

With that done, we went to Amy & Curt's house for the dinner. They have this huge anti-bellum mansion in South Nashville, it's in a sub-division but it looks nothing like the cookie cutter homes that surround it. If you get to see No Regrets you will see some of the interior.

Anyway, they offered the dinner as their wedding gift to us and it was a blast. We had about 50 people, all family and close friends, everybody ate at small tables scattered around the house and really got a chance to get to know each other. Dinner was provided by our favorite restaurant (Istanbul) and dessert was supplied by Amy and Las Paletas (the world's best popsicles). After dinner we all gathered for toasts and there were plenty (many of them involving the hope for many kids). I wish someone had video taped it. Tara and I agreed that our family and friends are wonderful people and it was amazing to see these two groups of people come together like they did.

The night ended on this wonderfully high note. It seemed like a positive omen for things to come.
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