Wednesday, August 24

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What Sewanee Students Say About Sewanee.
Sewanee is "largely Episcopalian, and the overwhelming majority of students are Christian. This is, of course, to be expected considering the religious affiliation of the school." Most here "love the outdoors, love to have a good time, and know when to study." Undergrads report, "Although Sewanee is taking steps to attract a more diverse student body, the majority of students here are white Southerners." Preppy is still the predominant look on campus; "You will never see as many popped collars, polo insignias, pearl necklaces, seersucker suits, or bowties as you will see at around campus at The University of the South," observes one student. Not everyone here is happy about the school's "slow, but detectable" progress toward diversity; some worry that Sewanee's beloved traditions will disappear as its core demographic loses preeminence. Their worries seem premature, at least for the immediate future.
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